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A Wonderful Shorkie Puppy


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Many of you will ask your self what is a Shorkie puppy?

A shorkie is a mix of a Shih tzu and A Yorkie.


In our opinion a shorkie puppy is both of BEST worlds..

A shorkies puppy has a great personality and their personality is one of their strongest characteristics. Shorkie puppies are always friendly and loving, shorkies are not an aggressive dogs. They love kids and being with their human family. A shorkie puppy makes a wonderful companion for kids and the elderly. Shorkies get along great with dogs and animals.

The shorkie breed is a very playful one. They love to play and romp around. But

when you pick them up they settle down fast to cuddle and be in your lap. Shorkies

 love to please their humans. Shorkie puppies love to make their humans happy, nothing makes a shorkie puppy happier then just sitting on the couch with their family. Shorkies love to cuddle and  be with you.

The shorkie puppy loves to be loved on and have their belly rubbed. The shorkie puppy is NOT a one person dog, they love the whole family. They desire a relationship with every one in the family. Each one having a special place in his heart.  

 Shorkies are NOT a guard dogs they don't know a stranger, He dose not have amean bone in his little body, now he might kiss you to death.. But that is about it.

 Shorkies are outgoing and will make human and puppy friends where ever he goes. He will try and entertain everyone and still the show. Shorkies love to be the center of attention.

Part of the shorkies personality is one of a lap dog. Shorkies love to be with you 24/7. This means they will want to sleep with you, go to work with you, even use the restroom with you. That is if you allow him to. The shorkie is not a hyper or high strung dog. The shorkie is NOT a demanding dog. But they want to be with their humans as much as possible. They would love to sit on the couch all day with you and cuddle.


The Shorkie puppy is hypoallergenic and non shedding. They generally have a nice thick coat that needs to be groomed on a regular basis. The SCA standard for the shorkie puppy is 4-12 lbs. The shorkie puppy comes in many colors. From solids to parties.

The shorkie breed dose great in most living environments, house, apartments, even condos. They do NOT need a lot of room Shorkie do great in all different types of weather as well. The smaller shorkies might need a coat in cold weather, in the hotter weather you might keep your shorkie in what they call a puppy cut, or teddy bear cut.

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I am a breeder that owns the parents to my fur babies.
I am a Experienced, Professional breeder who specialize in Shih tzu and Yorkie Cross puppies. As a responsible breeder, we choose to do selective breeding. We choose our parents not only by a great pedigree, breed confirmation, but also thru genetic testing. To make sure when you adopt a shorkie puppy from us you are getting one of the BEST shorkie puppies in the WORLD!!

We have been breeding Shorkies since 2004. Shorkie are our passion and one true puppy love. When you adopt a shorkie puppy from us you can adopt with confidence.



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